Prepare and deliver samples to UGC

Pile of Sequel smart cells

After submitting your project to the NGI Order portal you will receive a confirmation and a project code from one of our project coordinators. The project coordinator will evaluate the setup of your project and make sure we have all of the information needed to proceed.


Samples can be delivered in person, by courier, or by mail. For delivery addresses and times, see section How to find us, and deliver samples.

Please note that samples cannot be submitted to the facility until your project has been accepted in the NGI Order portal, you have received a project code, and received, signed and returned your agreement. We do not accept samples without printed delivery documents. We will not process samples/plates that are not labeled clearly and in consistency with the sample submission form.

Sample requirements

For Sequencing

The starting material for sequencing needs to be of high quality (in terms of purity and integrity), as well as of sufficient amount. When samples are delivered, documentation on how the samples have been extracted and quality tested should be included. For concentration measurement, we strongly recommend using Qubit Fluorometric Quantitation.

More instructions on sample delivery for sequencing are available in instructions for sample delivery (pdf). More information on specific requirements for sequencing on PacBio is available in sample requirements for PacBio (pdf).

For DNA Extraction

High quality input material increases the chance of obtaining High Molecular Weight (HMW) DNA that meet the quality and quantity requirements for long read applications. The best option for obtaining quality HMW DNA is fresh samples. However, samples that have been flash frozen, stored at -80ºC and shipped on dry-ice perform just as well in most cases. If possible, we highly recommend dissecting your sample prior to freezing to avoid freeze/thaw cycles which promote cell disruption and DNA fragmentation.

Before submitting samples for extraction, please read carefully shipping instructions for extraction material (pdf), and input material guidelines and extraction methods (pdf).

Please note that we can not work with samples that are potentially infectious to humans.

MinION dongle with flow cell loaded

What happens after I submit my samples?

Incoming material is carefully quality assessed by the UGC staff before proceeding to the library preparation step, where we measure DNA/RNA concentration with Qubit and verify quality using technologies such as Bioanlyzer or DropSense. Genomic DNA is commonly size evaluated using Femto Pulse.

FemtoPulse machine

How to find us, and deliver samples

SciLifeLab Entrance C11 at BMC

Visiting adress:

We accept sample delivery in person on tuesdays between 9:00 and 15:00. You will find us at Biomedical Centre (BMC), entrance C11, Uppsala.

Directions at google maps

For delivery in person, call: 070 - 425 02 85

Sending packages to the BMC goods reception:

Uppsala Genome Center, Husargatan 3, Ref. box 815, 751 23 Uppsala

NOTE: opening hours at the goods reception is 9:00 to 15:00.