Summer 2021 - Opening hours and sample deliveries


NGI will be operating at a limited capacity during summer, and a number of our user-targeted activities will encounter delays between week 25 and week 32 (June 24, 2021 – Aug 9, 2021). All services will resume as usual on August 9, 2021.

Sample deliveries:
The last date for sample deliveries before the summer break is June 24, 2021.

NOTE! The sample drop-off will be closed on Friday the 25th of June (midsummer) and will be opened on Thursday the 24th of June (09-11) instead.

We will not be accepting sample deliveries after the 24th of June unless explicitly agreed upon. Please note that we require that user agreements are signed and sent to us prior to sample delivery. The reception for sample Drop-Off will resume again as usual as of week 32 (Friday August 13, 09-11:00).

NGI Order Portal:
While users can place orders between week 25 and 32, there will likely be delays in processing them due to limited staffing capacity. 

Responding to messages:
Our staff will read and respond to messages from users on a rotational basis, so please bear in mind that there might be delays in addressing queries.

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