Celsius-Linneaus Lectures and Symposium in Uppsala


NGI welcomes all researchers with an interest in transcriptomic and single cell studies to this year's Celsius-Linneaus Lectures and Symposium.

Single cell sequencing has revolutionized life science research leading to a deeper understanding of biological processes in health and disease. Gene expression that were before masked in "bulk" measurements can now be observed directly in hundreds of individual cells at a time.

Prof. Aviv Regev
Core Member of the Broad Institute
Professor of Biology (MIT, USA)
HHMI Investigator

This year the Linneaus part of the lectures and symposium will focus on single cell technology and transcriptiomic studies, with Aviv Regev as the keynote speaker. During the symposium researchers associated with National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) will present.

The Regev Lab uses techniques such as single-cell genomics, with a particular focus on single cell RNA-sequencing, to dissect the molecular networks that regulate genes, define cells and tissues, and influence health and disease.


Program to download.

09.15 Celsius lecture Exoplanet Frontiers: Kepler & the Search for Life Beyond Earth
Lecturer: Natalie Batalha

10.30 Linnaeus lecture Using experimental and computational approaches to decipher cellular identity and regulation
Lecturer: Aviv Regev

14.00-17.00 Cross-disciplinary Celsius-Linnaeus Symposium

  • Rickard Sandberg Deciphering gene regulation using single-cell transcriptomics
  • Ulrike Heiter Characterising stars and their planets from the Earth and from space
  • Kerstin Lindblad Toh Comparative genomics and genetics: deciphering evolution and disease
  • Jorge Luis Melendez Moreno Searching for the Solar System 2.0
  • Lars Forsberg Functional consequences of mosaic loss of chromosome Y (LOY) in blood cells – transcriptomic studies in single cells
  • Jessica Nordlund Analysis of transcriptomes and genomes as a service at the National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) SciLifeLab

The Celsius and Linné Honorary Lectures are arranged annually by the Faculty of Science and Technology in memory of Anders Celsius and Carl von Linné (Linnaeus), world-renowned professors of Uppsala University. The Celsius–Linnaeus Lectures have been held every year since 1991. Read more at the Celsius–Linnaeus Lectures and Symposium website.

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