33 milion SEK to support and advance large-scale genomic research in Sweden


SciLifeLab has announced giving 33 million SEK to 14 sequencing projects focused on human whole genome sequencing and biodiversity under the SciLifeLab National Sequencing Projects initiative. In total, thousands of genomes will be sequenced within the projects by the National Genomic Infrastructure, NGI.

The SciLifeLab Board has announced its decision on funding 14 projects within the SciLifeLab National Projects initiative. The aim of the initiative is to support and advance large-scale genomic research in Sweden within both health and biodiversity by providing sequencing support to scientists through open calls. Thereby supporting them in carrying out competitive international research.

The grants are awarded as a deduction of costs for sample processing and sequencing at the National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) and the Microbial Single Cell Genomics facility. National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) is one of the largest platforms at SciLifeLab and is made up of NGI Uppsala (the SNP&SEQ Technology Platform and Uppsala Genome Center) and NGI Stockholm.

One of the granted projects is "Whole genome sequencing to identify genetic causes of
adverse drug reactions (Swedegene-WGS)", which were granted 10M SEK to study genetic variants to minimising the risk of drug intolerance and adverse drug reactions (ADRs). The project is lead by PI Mia Wadelius, researcher at the Department of Medical Sciences.

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