New data delivery system


In mid-June all facilites within NGI, including the SNP&SEQ Technology Platform,  will start introducing a new, secure system for delivering sequence and genotype data to users. With this new system, once your project is ready, you will be given access to a secure delivery server where your data will be available for download for a limited period of time.

Delivery projects

In order to administer access to the delivery server (named “GRUS”), we have introduced a new type of project called “delivery project”. A delivery project exists only on GRUS and for the purpose of delivering data from NGI to users. It is therefore read-only and has no associated core hours or quota limitations to take into consideration. For extra security, two-factor authentication is required to access the data in the delivery project.

Data delivery

Once a sequencing or genotyping project is ready, NGI will register a delivery project in SUPR for the delivery. The PI of the sequencing or genotyping project will also be the PI of the corresponding delivery project. This means that you are no longer required to have a pre-existing SNIC/UPPNEX project account prior to submitting an order - NGI will create the delivery project for you. If you wish to use SNIC resources for downstream data analysis, you just apply for a SNIC/UPPNEX project the usual way.

Data retrieval

The delivery project is administered in SUPR just like any other SNIC or UPPNEX project. In other words, the PI can use the SUPR web interface to e.g. add or remove users and thereby grant access to the project data. Once you have been granted access to a delivery project, you can download data to your preferred location* using e.g. sftp transfer. If you wish to download data to a SNIC/UPPNEX resource, there will soon be an option to have this done automatically in SUPR. Please see the GRUS user guide for further details.

You can also read about the new data delivery system at the NGI Order portal.

* If your preferred location is located outside the SUNET network, you need to submit a ticket to and request that your IP-address should be whitelisted.

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