The NovaSeq system arrives at the SNP&SEQ Technology platform


The SNP&SEQ Technology Platform has acquired the newly launched NovaSeq6000 sequencing system (Illumina Inc.) and the instrument is currently being installed.

The NovaSeq offers high-throughput sequencing across the full range of sequencing applications including DNA-sequencing, RNA-sequencing and bisulphite sequencing. By acquiring the NovaSeq6000 we continue to offer the most cost efficient sequencing service to our users.

During the summer and beginning of the fall, the system will be validated and we aim to accept projects during late Q3 2017.

You can read more about the NovaSeq system at Illuminas website.

For questions about the instrument and our services, please e-mail us at

The NovaSeq6000 shortly after it arrived at the SNP&SEQ Technology platform.
Still in its box, ready to be unpacked, installed and validated.

Photo: Alisa Rizvanovic


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