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Welcome to Uppsala Genome Center

We take pride in providing our users tailor made, cost-effective and expedient solutions for a wide range of sequencing projects. Our background in research gives us a unique understanding for what academic researchers need and want, and we recognize the importance for our users to always receive high quality service.

Our main purpose is to provide sequencing service to Swedish academic researchers. We are also happy to serve researchers from other countries, as well as private companies.

Our aim is to find cost-effective and flexible solutions for our users. Being a non-commercial core facility allows us to undertake challenging projects.

With more than fifteen years experience of running a core facility we have acquired a high level of expertise in DNA sequencing. We have experience from different types of library preparations, DNA extractions, and bioinformatic analyses.

We are actively involved in several development projects, aiming to improve life science methodology, as well as to facilitate biodiversity research in Europe.

Lars Feuk, Facility Director
Lars Feuk, Facility Director
Susanne Hellstedt Kerje, Head of Facility
Susanne Hellstedt Kerje, Head of Facility


Each year, peer-reviewed scientific articles are published based on sequencing data from Uppsala Genome Center. Publications where we are acknowledged as service providers will be included in the SciLifeLab publications database.

To find a list of all publications refering to Uppsala Genome Center, follow the link to the SciLifeLab publications database below:

Publications database

Last modified: 2023-02-20